Targeting at the Ph. D candidates as well as master level students, this workshop intends to promote academic cooperation between Korea and Europe in the area of development studies. To this end, the SNU EU center organized 10 online lectures along with the centre d’economie de la Sorbonne, University of Paris-I, during the period of September 2021 to March 2022.

1. September, 28th: Rémi Bazillier (Univ Pantheon Sorbonne, CES), “Artisanal mining and development”

2. October 19th SNU:Jaebin Ahn (SNU) For whom the levy tolls

3. November 2nd: Laetitia Duval (Univ Pantheon Sorbonne, France), “Disease knowledge and risk perception in shaping preventive behavior”

4. November 30th: Jungwoo Ku (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea) “AI and Development”

5. December 14th: Sorbonne. Lisa Chauvet. “Inequality in public goods provision and attitude toward taxation

6. January 14th Tim Lee (Queen Mary University of London, UK)”Binding Up the Nation’s Wounds: An Economic Analysis of the Korean Reunification”

7. January 25th: Luigi Moretti.(Italy) “Political budget cycle and payments on arrears”

8. Feb 8 Juhwan Oh (SNU) “Corona virus pandemic response system”

9. Feb 22: Sorbonne. Nouhoum Toure « Endogenous gender power»

10. March 29 Hyeok Jeong (SNU, Korea) “Effects of Aligning Trade with Idea Production on Economic Growth”

Principal participants

Remi Bazillier, Woosik Moon, Ahn Jaebin,

Park Su-kyung, Luigi Moretti, Josselin Thuilliez

Lisa Chauvet, Nouhoum Toure, Vendryes Thomas

Jackson.Stephen, Beatrice Gibertini, Hugo Lapeyronie

이진이, Laetitia Duval, Hyeok Jeong


Euro-Asia Development Workshop Program


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