Since its first graduates were produced in February 1999, European Studies program has been constantly increasing its scale as well as the number of students. Graduates have various careers, for example, they are participating in domestic and foreign enterprises, financial institutions, organs of expression, research institutions, and in international organizations. Some of them also choose to continue their studies at higher level.



Some examples of careers that European Area Studies major graduates are now participating in include governmental sector (Ministry of Foreign Affars and Trade, KOTRA, etc.), financial sector (HSBC, City Bank, Korea Development Bank, Shinhan Bank, etc.), Korean major companies (Samsung, SK, LG, etc.), research institutes (KIEP, KDI, etc.), media (Yonhap News, Korea Times, etc.), etc.



Independent Studies conducted by Rhee (along with Moon and Han)


Thesis title

Kang Nagyeong

Evaluating Ambiguity in Refugee Policy: Comparative Policy analysis of Germany and South Korea

Kim Moonjoo

Case Studies of Countervailing Duty Measures Filed on India by the United States and the European Union, and Its Implications for South Korea’s CVD utilization


Analysis on the Development of Rules of origin in Common Korean and Swiss FTAs

Sara Esti

The Government support for the Cultural Creative Industries: the case of Italy and South Korea


Tendencies in Political Sckepticism and New Party Mobilization Strategies: Causes of the far-right party success in the November 11th 2019 Spanish General Elections

Yoon Hayoon

A Comparison of the Right Wing Pupulist Performance between the 2014 and 2019 European Parliament Elections


U.S. Allies and Diverging Interests in Times of Strategic Competition: Secondary Sanctions in the Case of Nord Stream 2

Lee Soojeong

Resolving conflicting issues in the creation of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism(CBAM)

Lee Jiyeon

Digitalization in Education – A Comparative Analysis of the United States and European Union

Lee Jini

Cross-Country Policy Responses to Demographic Transition : Focusing on France, Germany, Japan, and France

Lee Chan

The Importance of Issue competition on niche party’s electoral performance : a case of Swedish green party between 2014 and 2018 election

Cho Kyheon

Brexit and the Mutual Legal Assiatance in Criminal Matters of the EU

Cho. Yerin

The Question of Net Neutrality: A Comparative Analysis of Net Neutrality and Netflix in the United States, European Union and South Korea

Cho Yoonhwan

Economic Integration between England and Scotland


International Rules-Based Connectivity and East Asian Norm-Perception of the EU-A Pathway to Greater Regional Cooperation?

Chon, Solby

Inflation Differentials in the EMU

Choi, Hansol

Women’s Socioeconomic Participation in Reshaping the Fertility Pattern-Focusing on Sweden(2005-2020)

Hur Sookyung

The Influence of the EU’s Tax Policy on Korea’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment