The European Union is an international organization unprecedented in human history. Started by the Schuman Declaration in 1950, EU has achieved the single market among member states, harmonizing different member states’ policies and carrying out common policies. Now EU leads international economic order together with U.S. through its common trade and monetary policies. Moreover, EU extends integration and harmonization in various fields of politics, international affairs, security, etc.

The EU Centre of Seoul National University (SNU EU Centre) was established in March 2006, with the support of the European Commission. It was awarded by the European Commission as the first Centre of Excellence in South Korea in 2011, and was the first recipient of a Jean Monnet Chair in Korea.

Today, Europe can be hardly understood without the knowledge on the European Union. In that regard, SNU EU Centre is planning a number of actions not only in research and education, but also through various kinds of conferences, seminars, forums, and publications. SNU EU Cente will help the Koreans to understand these dynamic developments of the EU, and will help the mutual understandings between Korea and EU through exchange programs with EU experts and scholars.

For the development of the SNU EU Centre, all your cooperation and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your interests and encouragements.

Han, JeongHun
Director, SNU EU Centre