1. Governing Through Trade, Analyzing the policies of the European Union and Korea

Research Dates: December 2015- December 2017

NRF and Flemish Research Foundation(FWO) Joint Research Program

This research project focused on the economic impacts and unforeseen changes the FTA has generated and how it has affected global governance through trade. As multilateral negotiations have faced difficulties over time, one turns to new forms of global governance, international rule-making and rule diffusion. This project aimed to examine Korea’s strategies to cope and cooperate with this specific EU policy. The Korea-EU FTA tackles not only open market access but also global standards. As a global rule-setter, the EU is likely to strengthen regulations on trading partners to create better environments for European firms through policy of exporting laws. Hence, the project analyzed the approach and effectiveness of the EU policies and examined the approaches taken by the Korean government.

2. EU and Korea Relations titled “EU-Korea Relations in a Changing World”

Research Dates: September 2012- February 2014

Seoul National University and KU Leuven held a project entitled ‘EU-Korea Relations in a Changing World’ (2012.1.1-2013.12.31) with the support of the European Commission, through which it discussed various issues in the bilateral relations (i.e. economy, EU-Korea FTA, development cooperation, environmental issues, human rights issues, etc.)

3. Promising Research Institute, National Research Foundation

Research Dates: September 2009- August 2012

With the support of Korea National Research Foundation, SNU EU Centre has been nominated as the Promising Research Institute (Sept. 2009 – Aug. 2012). In addition, a research project under the theme “Resurrection and expansion of modern Europe: building a global hub of research on EU” was conducted.