2023 15th Euro-Asia Summer School


Participant  Date & Venue Content
2023 15th
Summer School

JeongHun Han
(Professor and Chair of SNU EU Centre)


Oung Byun



Jieun Park

(MA Student –

Teaching Assistant )


8 Selected 

Grad Students from SNU 


11 Selected 

Undergrad Students from HU


4 Selected 

Grad Students from KDIS

SNU Week 

24 – 26 July, 2023 

SNU Graduate School of International Studies


HU Week
27 – 29 July, 2023

Hitotsubashi University, Japan


Europe Week

25 August – 1 September, 2023

KU Leuven, Belgium (via ZOOM)

The Euro-Asia Summer School Series has been set up by the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies of the KU Leuven in cooperation with the Seoul National University and Hitotsubashi University for the benefit of the students 

of all three partners since 2009. The Summer School brings together a broad range of senior experts on Asia, the European Union and global governance to teach and interact with 30 students from all over the world during two-weeks.


This exceptional program offers students a multitude of lectures on Euro-Asia relations, opportunities for global student interaction, the chance to explore Korea and Japan during Asian Week, and even includes financial support.


The main goal of the summer school is to examine and compare how these major issues are being looked at both in the EU and in Asia. In this regard, the goal of this summer school is twofold: First, it explores how global challenges have fostered regional responses and how perceptions of regional integration processes in the EU and East Asia have changed. Second, the summer school examines the growing interdependence between the EU and East Asia, the proliferation of bilateral agreements between the EU and some of the Asian countries concerned, and their close interactions in multilateral fora in order to deal with recurring global challenges.


For the participants in the Summer School, a certificate of Seoul National

University / Hitotsubashi University and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies will be awarded.

2023 SWP SNU in the EU Program


Participant Date & VenueContent
2023 SNU in the EU Program 

JeongHun Han
(Professor and Chair of SNU EU Centre)


Nagyeong Kang 

(Ph.D. Student-

Research Assistant)


Minkyung Shim

(MA Student –

Research Assistant )


26 Selected Undergrad Students from SNU 


22-27 June, 2023 

SNU Graduate School of International Studies


EU Local Program 
3-16 July, 2023

KU Leuven, Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg

SNU in the EU  program has been established to enhance the global competencies of Undergraduate students and deepen their understanding of European Union. Unlike most traditional programs that were designed around specific cities and language education, the SNU in the EU program is an intriguing initiative based on examining the characteristics of the multi-tiered governance of the EU’s institutions, in collaboration with KU Leuven.


Students participating in the program study the history, structure, evolution of EU’s institutions, as well as diplomatic and security issues through pre-program. In addition, they prepare presentations on what they’ve learned throughout entire program. 


Subsequently, they visit major EU institutions located in various cities such as Brussels in Belgium, Strasbourg in France, and Luxembourg, to enhance their learning and supplement their presentation content. These institutions include NATO, Council of EU, EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament, and European Court of Justice.


Participating students earn three credits based on their attendance and class attitude in pre and local lectures, and their final presentation.

<1st YEAR> 2022 Fall (2022 September – 2023 February)


Participant Date & VenueContent
The Third Jean Monnet Network European Transoceanic Encounters and Exchanges (ETEE)

JeongHun Han
(Professor and Chair of SNU EU Centre)

Nagyeong Kang

(Ph.D. Student)

Minkyung Shim

(Master Student)

November 14-17, 2022

Kobe, Japan

The Jean Monnet Network European Transoceanic Encounters and Exchanges (ETEE) program aims at enhancing understanding and teaching about Europe’s place and role in today’s world by looking at its present and past transoceanic relations and connectivities. SNU GSIS students participated in the III ETEE Conference and Winter School. This event is organized by KU Leuven and SNU GSIS participated as a co-organizer.

Prof Han JeongHun discussed public perceptions on EU-Korea relations after the EU-Korea FTA in session 1, European Encounters and Exchanges: Perspectives on Governance.

Two SNU GSIS Students’ reports are posted on KU Leuven website:

1)     Nagyeong Kang:
Strengthening EU-US Cooperation Amidst Energy Crises

2)     Minkyung Shim:
Public perceptions on EU-Korea relations after the EU-Korea FTA

2023 Euro-Asia Summer School Preparation Meeting with KU Leuven Centre for Global Governance StudiesJeongHun Han
(Professor and Chair of SNU EU Centre)

December 6-7, 2022

Leuven, Belgium

Prof. Han visited Belgium to discuss school partnership and 2023 Euro-Asia Summer School at KU Leuven, Centre for Global Governance Studies.
ROK-EU Mutual Public Perception Survey PresentationJeongHun Han
(Professor and Chair of SNU EU Centre)`

December 8, 2022

VUB Brussels School of Governance, Belgium

Prof. Han was invited to deliver a speech at an event “ROK-EU Mutual Public Perception Survey Presentation” by the Embassy of the ROK to Belgium and the EU and Permanent Mission to the NATO.

He delivered presentation on the ROK-EU Mutual Perception Survey. He raised “how visible are both are the EU and South Korea to each other from the public’s understanding.” To answer this question, he conducted survey in four EU member states, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany and South Korea. He discussed general interests, psychological evaluation, relational understanding.